Hello 2017

It’s that time of year again when I’m perpetually writing the wrong year on all of my checks and I’m trying to stick to my weight loss and exercise resolutions. Writing the wrong date always lasts longer than my fitness resolutions but this year I have a much better goal…


…to enjoy every moment of life. An easier resolution may have been something like walking on the moon by 2018. While this is an extremely lofty goal and I know that realistically I won’t enjoy every single second of every single day, I’m actively trying to enjoy the moments in life that matter and slowing down to savor the love and simple beauty that this life has given me. This especially applies to these few years when my son will be little. I truly want to enjoy every second of this amazing time of his childhood.

I’m making just a few changes here and there to try to enjoy life more.

  • I’ve slowed down my morning routine to allow more snuggle time with my son.
  • I’m spending much less time on social media and realizing how much time and energy I was wasting on it (yikes!) and how little I miss it.
  • I’m slowly cutting back a little on the number of client sessions I’m doing and focusing on photographing what makes my heart sing. Most notably, all of those little details of my son’s childhood that I never want to forget.
  • I’ve started doing yoga a few times a week (because being healthy really is important for overall happiness, but omg, I hate the treadmill in the winter) and I really, really enjoy what it does for my mind and body!
  • Last, but not least, in the evenings I think about all of the things that I’m thankful for and the moments from that day that were special to me.

I’m surprised to say that it’s actually kind of working (at least I made it almost a week). I know I have a long way to go but this kind of a goal is definitely more of a “marathon not a sprint” and “the journey is the destination” type of thing. So for now, I’m just going to enjoy more, worry less, and be happy I’m not eating rice cakes and running on a treadmill.

Happy 2017! Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Hello 2017

  1. love your quilts by the way!
    My new business model this year is “more pretty, less stress”. I think I need to make it my life motto too!


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