Vintage Prop Shopping

One of the unexpected and highly enjoyable parts of owning a photography business is being able to combine two of my favorites: all things vintage + shopping. For me, it’s a match made in heaven.

I’ve always (like, since before Kindergarten) been drawn to things that were “well loved”, old fashioned, and antique (old quilts- don’t even get me started!). At our local small town summer festival, a church group had a game called The Cherry Bowl where you could win prizes donated by the community. Some of the prizes were new and some were things you might find at a rummage or estate sale. This was the highlight of my summer and the latter were the prizes I was playing for.

Some of my most prized possessions as a child came from The Cherry Bowl and included a tiny wooden antique piano, a little glazed ceramic pot with lid and spoon, a couple of potholders, and a giant hand sewn teddy bear. I still have all of those things to this day. The potholders get used daily.

Fast forward a couple of decades, add a camera and a good excuse to head out to the local antique shops and you have one happy girl. I’m always on the lookout for that special something to add to my repertoire of props for my studio. Today I was looking specifically for a stool or chair that was darker colored and a little larger to use for older /taller children.

I went to my favorite shop called Antique Up. I love this place because they have great vendors that include antique, vintage, handmade, and repurposed. The items are always clean and the place always smells really good because of the homemade soaps and candles sold in some of the booths. It’s also cool because the owners took an abandoned grocery store and turned it into a thriving business.

I can always find photographic inspiration in places like this from the colors, textures, and silent stories that each item has to tell. I love browsing around and finding treasures. Today I was also looking for a birthday present for my mom. I’m happy to report I found all of the above!

Today I took my Fuji x-t10 with the Lensbaby Trio 28 set to ‘sweet’ to do a little documentary photography as I browsed.

32184672965_7a49832965_oIn this booth I found two props. The black stool which was exactly what I was looking for plus an adorable little cream chair. I was super excited!

32184672085_c8997995f9_o32184671145_6e1599bf4d_oI’m planning a trip back to this booth to pick out a few things for my son’s room, my office, and a gift for my hard-to-shop-for-husband. I love the wood, colors, quotes and fonts that this artist uses for her handmade designs.

32184668265_446e0a2987_o32184667695_5536d1b61f_o32184667015_f3fda3496e_oColors, textures, patina! Oh, my!!!

32184666175_01607a677d_oIn this booth I picked up a couple of burlap coffee sacks (that awesomely don’t smell like burlap) for $5.

32184669435_8c206226f8_oI might also have a small obsession with vintage fancy hats. I sometimes incorporate them into styled session. I had to pick this one up.

31343399234_328b34c507_o31343397894_520dce1b76_o31343396954_d32858c882_o31343395504_955be10336_oThere is always so much to look at and see! This is a happy place for me where I wonder and think, get inspired and almost always spend more than I should.

This is what I brought home today:

31343393524_53afeb8826_o31343390554_92664ec1c0_o31343392094_2d300e1a0c_oThe day after I bought that adorable, perfectly sized, black stool I used it in a session. Best 15 bucks I’ve spent in awhile!

One thought on “Vintage Prop Shopping

  1. Oh I wish I was at this store right now. With lots of money! I love vintage shopping also but I rarely buy because I can never decide!


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