The Way We Live

Lately I have been feeling run down and overwhelmed with all the “stuff” in our home. Especially after the holidays! With four children (or even just one) it can often feel that we are overrun with mess. There is always a glass in the sink, a toy on the ground, laundry in a pile on someone’s floor. Can you relate? This year, instead of letting it stress me out (as much) I vow to embrace the mess and let it tell the story of us. Let us be grateful we have water to drink, and such an abundance of clothing that we can leave extras in piles. Let us embrace that the kids are playing with one anther and having the opportunity to even leave behind a mess.  We are given so much and are lucky to have “stuff” as a problem at all. With that said, this year I am trying to photograph the messes that define our family. The good, the bad and the ugly. And every so often I will share a piece of our mess with you, in hopes that you will take a moment between cleaning and ripping your hair out to appreciate the beauty that is your life. xo Bobbi-jo


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