Valentine’s Table for Two + Pullback

Grocery shopping is the worst but the one thing that I actually enjoy about it is meandering my cart through the little floral section. It makes me happy to see the colors and textures, smell the fresh blooms, and smile at the clerk who always seems more cheerful than any of the other employees in the store.

What does this have to do with Valentine’s Day you ask? Well, I’m often tempted to buy those flowers but rarely splurge. However, when I get an idea for something I want to photograph and it also falls around a holiday  AND costs less than $5, how can I possibly not indulge just a little. So, into my cart went a bundle of Baby’s Breath flowers.

Baby’s Breath, in my humble opinion, is one of the most underrated flowers in the history of flowers. It’s always been used as a filler and treated as a second-hand flower. Well, today I’m changing history people. Today, the insignificant Baby’s Breath gets it’s moment in the floral limelight on my kitchen table for Valentine’s Day.

I gathered a few  of my “fancy dishes” that actually match, some linens, a table runner, and a milk glass vase (all flea market finds) and set up a cute little table for Valentine’s Day dinner. Since the light coming into my dining room at the time I wanted to take the photos (a.k.a. nap time) was not conducive to the soft and slightly romantic mood I wanted to portray in the images (direct, harsh light + no curtains = icky) I had to improvise.

I have a cute, lightweight little table that I store away and get out for just this type of situation. It has a great rustic finish and is extra special because it once belonged to my grandparents. The best afternoon lighting in my house is not actually where I’d like to eat supper but it worked for this shoot and then I just moved the pretty set-up to the dining room when I was all finished taking photos. I have pullback photos at the bottom to show that finding the right light trumps location in most scenarios (and that I’m a slightly crazy, light obsessed photographer).

For all of the images I used my Fuji x-t10 + Lensbaby Trio 28, set on Sweet.
















And the pullbacks… my incredibly messy bedroom where earlier in the day my son had found every pillow in the house and piled it in one corner of the room and where I’d just recently been sorting out a week or so worth of laundry in the other corner. But, the light was right and so I used varying angles to make it work.



Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

XO, Amanda

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