A Sunday afternoon

My husband´s birthday was on Sunday the 12th of February and mine was last week. The weather has not been the best lately in Spain due to strong winds, raining/snowing and a bit colder than usual. We were going to take a weekend road trip somewhere but instead we decided to wait till the weather gets better and we took a little afternoon trip instead to only see one place in the city, a Historic Castle. I love Alicante city and my hubby and I both love history, historic places. Alicante is about an hour from where we live in Spain so it´s always nice to take a little city tour.
So our afternoon was spent in a beautiful Santa Barbara Castle up on a mountain in the city by the coast. It´s fun and educating for the children and they love it, all their imagination goes wild in the castle, lot´s of questions are asked and we love to tell them. There are lot´s of caves and so many things to see. When you get to the top you have jaw dropping views over the city Alicante. Down below my images is information about this castle and it´s taken from wikipedia.



















It´s the Santa Barbara Castle. The origins of the castle date to the 9th century at the time of Muslim control of the Iberian Peninsula, from 711 till 1296.

On 4 December 1248, the castle was captured by Castilian forces led by Alfonso of Castile. It was named after Saint Barbara, on whose feast day the castle was recaptured from the Arabs. It was conquered by the Aragonese in 1296 during the reign of James II of Aragon, who ordered its reconstruction. Peter IV of Aragon, Charles I of Spain and Philip II of Spain would oversee further reconstructions.

Castle of Santa Bárbara in the 19th century. Photo by Jean Lauren (1816-1886).

The castle was bombarded in 1691 by a French squadron. During the War of the Spanish Succession, it was held by the English for three years. In 1873, it was bombarded, along with the city, by the Cantonalistas from the frigate Numancia.

From the 18th century the military role of the castle has declined and it was used sometimes as a prison.The castle remained abandoned until 1963, when it was opened to the public. Lifts have been installed inside the mountain (there is a small charge for the lift but not to enter the castle), and there are refreshments and other amenities at and near the summit. Reasonably fit visitors may also appreciate the exercise of a walk to the top.

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Iris Bergmann is an Icelandic born photographer. Married and has four children and two step daughters. She has the passion and desire for capturing adorable, raw and free spirited moments of children. She works mostly with natural light so most of her shots are taken outside. When combining children in beautiful nature she manages to capture and create something majestic and moody yet colorful and 100% pure.

4 thoughts on “A Sunday afternoon

    1. Thank you so much Amanda, I just love this Castle and I can´t get enough of it, even though I have visit it 100 times 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Bobbi. Alicante is amazing city, small, easy to walk around and such a good weather here as well :).


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