Tutorial: Making A Fresh Flower Crown

Sun Drenched Maternity Shoot - Amanda Ruzicka Photography© Central WI Maternity Photographer

With spring right around the corner I’m starting to think about and booking outdoor photo sessions. Fresh flower crowns are a great way to add something extra special to your shoots. They look fantastic and you can make them yourself without spending a lot of money. They’re adorable on children too and just plain fun for any occasion!

There are lots and lots of different way to make them but this is the super simple way that I do it.

What you need:

Flowers (these were $4 from the grocery store), Greenery/Baby’s Breath  (Optional), Floral Wire or PVC Floral Wire, Floral Tape, Stem Wire (Optional), Scissors, Wire Cutters (if your scissors won’t cut through the wire)

Amanda Ruzicka Photography© Central WI Photographer2

You can use pretty much any type of flower to make your crown. It helps to have some greenery or Baby’s Breath to add in to fill gaps and cover the wire. In this example I used the leaves attached to the flower’s stems as my greenery.Amanda Ruzicka Photography© Central WI Photographer3

Step 1: Making the Base- You can do this one of two ways shown above. The top, lighter colored green ring was made by twisting two pieces of stem wire together. It’s pretty heavy duty and what I like to use. You can also use the floral wire to make the base by wrapping two pieces together.

To measure what size I need, I use the super scientific method of wrapping the wire around my head, then making it a touch bigger to allow for the space that the flowers and floral tape will take up (about an extra 1/2- 1 inch).Amanda Ruzicka Photography© Central WI Photographer4

Step 2: Planning/ Prep- I like to snip off my flowers, leaving 3-4 inches of the stem and leaves attached, and place them around the base ring to visualize where I want to place my flowers and to see how many I’ll need. In this case, I also kept the leaves from the bottom of the stems to add in with the flowers as I was wiring them on.

Amanda Ruzicka Photography© Central WI Photographer6

At this time, I also cut small pieces (3-4 inches each) of floral wire for each flower I’ll be attaching.Amanda Ruzicka Photography© Central WI Photographer7

Step 3: Attaching the Flowers- Gently wrap the wire around each flower making sure that it’s firmly attached to the base. I added extra leaves to every other bloom to fill out the crown a little.Amanda Ruzicka Photography© Central WI Photographer8

Step 4: Taping- Wrap the tape around the stem and cover the wire.

Amanda Ruzicka Photography© Central WI Photographer5

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your base is covered with flowers.Amanda Ruzicka Photography© Central WI Photographer9

Wa-lah!!! Your flower crown is ready! Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, especially if it’s the first time your making one. It takes a little practice. Rest assured that even a slightly imperfect flower crown will still look great in photos!Amanda Ruzicka Photography© Central WI Photographer1

My beautiful model had a smaller head than me but enjoyed a fancy collar instead.

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