Strawberry Picking

A tradition that my daughters and I have had over the last five years that we’ve lived in Taiwan is Strawberry Picking in the winter. I think partly I just love the fact that we do it in the winter, as opposed to the usual season at home. The girls are pretty good at picking the really red ones, but we still do get a fair amount of over ripe and a few under ripe berries… but everything is all  good in the name of strawberries right?!

I love the fact that it’s quiet, a nice break from the city,  and both girls can be a bit independent but are perfectly safe and contained…they definitely can’t escape out of the nets on their own!! And who doesn’t love eating a fist full of strawberries before the long drive home?!

(And the girls trimmed some onions too, just for good measure! luckily the farm owners had a great sense of humor!)

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